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Philippe Taglioni Automatic Electric Milk Frother Jug

There are so many great accessories for coffee lovers available on the market –some of them you can do without, while others are “must haves” and should be at the top of your list. If you’re currently looking for a good milk frother to help you froth your milk every morning for your cup of coffee, finding one may be complicated, because there are a large variety of them to choose from. Not too long ago, we discovered the Philippe Taglioni Automatic Electric Milk Frother Jug and we feel it is worth telling others about.

About Philippe Taglioni Automatic Electric Milk Frother Jug

This is an electric milk frother that creates a thick, rich and creamy milk froth that is long-lasting. Simply by pushing a button, you’ll have the froth made in no time. All you have to do is add the milk into the carafe that comes with the frother and push the start button. Upon pushing the start button, your froth will be ready in under 90 seconds.

Easily Make Frothed Milk

With the Philippe Taglioni Automatic Electric Milk Frother Jug, you can make frothed milk easily, in no time at all. This frother is capable at heating the milk at the push of a button. It creates creamy, thick froth, which is exactly what you want in that cup of coffee.

Creates Hot and Cold Milk Froth

Not only is it capable of creating hot froth for your coffee, it can also create cold milk froth if that’s what you desire. This is perfect for lattes, cappuccinos, cappuccinos, hot frothed milk and even a nice glass of hot chocolate. With these deliciously frothed drinks, you can definitely impress your guests.

Stainless Steel Exterior

The durable stainless steel exterior looks great and looks like it was made to last. On top of this, the interior is stainless steel, which makes it easy to clean.

Easy to Clean

As we mentioned above, this frother is easy to clean. We feel that this is a major benefit, because when you have something that is complicated to clean, it makes you not want to use it. The base is detachable, which will make both cleaning and pouring super easy.

A Variety of Functions

With this frother, you will have the ability to heat milk, froth milk, and yes, as we said before, make Cappuccinos. There’s whisks that are included with this frother, so you can choose if you want to heat or froth the milk. The frothing whisk is capable of frothing both cold and hot milk with no problems at all. As an additional bonus, it can also froth dairy-free milks like Soy and Almond milk and low-fat milk and low-fat milk.

Base is Detachable

The base to this frother is detachable. This means, when it’s done, you can carry the milk frother and pour it in your glass.


The milk frother has a capacity of around 8.0 oz, which is pretty good. When you’re frothing the milk, just make sure you only use half the amount of milk you need, because as it foams, the volume will double. There’s markers inside the frother that will show you how much milk you should add.


In the end, we highly recommend this product. If there’s some reason you’re not satisfied with the frother, the company offers a 100% money back guarantee, so it’s obvious that they’re confident.

Simon Weiner

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